GiT Italian Advisors

The GiT Italian Advisors are Italian company specialized in Certifications; they preside over the Technical Committee which is the entity in charge of giving the "GREEN Product" Recognition in order to include the product in the portal and the GreeniTop® rating level.

The Committee is formed by independent and highly qualified experts who examine the requests sent to GreeniTop.

The experts are selected by one of the Accredited Bodies and operate according to the rule ISO/IEC 17024  "General requirements for bodies operating certifications of persons".

What are the tasks of the Technical Committee?

It is an independent body, formed by experts in the field or in the product that has to be recognized and its tasks are the following ones:

It gives the GreeniTOP Recognitions Committee its opinion concerning the controls and the tests regarding the Recognition Issue;

Considering the results of the tests carried out and possible new information on the matter, it suggests survey completions and in the end it gives its opinion to the Recognition Committee about the resulting decisions;

It gives the Recognition Committee its opinion regarding solutions, decisions and penalties following the current Rules;

It suggests changes that may be necessary for the current Regulations and for its attachments to the Recognitions Committee;

It gives the Recognitions Committee its opinion on the Rates to impose;

It suggests to the Recognition Committee advertising and promotion actions and anything else that may be useful to the success of the portal initiatives;

The members of the Technical Committee and the external experts, if consulted, have to the keep professional secrecy.

Current Members

QualityNet -

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The term “Greenwashing” is the totality of the general and ambiguous terminologies as for example bio, eco, compatible, sustainable, recyclable, compostable, natural, genuine etc., used by producers/business owners, without providing objective and verifiable support.



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